Brian Froud’s Faerielands


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“They had the freedom to write whatever they chose, just as I’d had the freedom to paint what I chose; yet we’d agreed on a central premise: a recognition that Faerie, inextricably bound as it is to nature and natural forces, is gravely threatened by the ecological crises that human beings have brought to our world.” –Brian Froud

Brian Froud collaborated with four authors who would write a story based off of his artwork, rather than Brian creating artwork for an existing story. These four tales are called the Faerieland Series and due to publishing issues, only two were released with Brian Froud’s artwork (The Wild Wood and Something Rich and Strange). All four books are now available, however only two reprint edition contains Froud artwork. The cover art for the reprint edition of “Something Rich and Strange” by Patricia McKillip and the UK Edition of “The Wood Wife” (not listed) by Terri Windling are by Brian Froud. However, none of the reprint editions contain the interior artworks as displayed within the original publications.

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